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A Trusted Name

A Father and Son team that has relied on each other to build a food service company that’s small enough to deal hands on with our customers, but also large enough to provide a vast array of products from leading manufacturers.

At S & A we strive to provide the very best in food service to all of our customers. We like to provide an experience unlike any other in this business.


S & A Values and Principles

  • We are committed and dedicated to the needs of our customers, providing optimal service and superior value.
  • We believe in a strong relationship between restaurateur and food service company, providing quality food experiences.
  • We approach all of our business relationships with honesty and sincerity.
  • Together with our customers, we build more than a business relationship; we have formed many friendships that go far beyond business hours.
  • Most importantly, we are a small family company that devotes itself to quality and service.




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