S&A Foods Ltd. Since 2003, Sam and Anthony Mrakas have created an at-home experience for our customers at S&A Food Ltd. A Father and Son team that has relied on each other to build a food service company that’s small enough to deal hands on with our customers, but also large enough to provide a vast array of products from leading manufacturers.

Sam Mrakas
Sam Mrakas has been a part of the food service business for over 30 years. Working his way through many aspects of the trade until the day he decided that the only way to truly care for his customers is to build his own company, highlighting his own principles. S&A was born, becoming a niche pursuit, looking after a very minimal customer base. Treating this base alone, word of mouth created a larger company every year.

Anthony Mrakas
Anthony Mrakas joined his father in 2003 making a “true” family business. Taking his knowledge of marketing and business from his years at Seneca College, Anthony hoped to help build something that they would be proud of. Working for almost a decade at the Hudson’s Bay Company, his experience being at the top of the sales force there had become an integral part of S&A protocol: Honesty and Integrity. Thus giving the company its slogan, “The Good Guys in Food Supplies”.